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Being the best requires a commitment to education and the highest standards of customer service. Beginning in 2006, Helen Adams Realty partnered with the QSC® program and  In 2007, we were ranked as the #1 Quality Service Certified® (QSC) real estate company in the Nation!  Helen Adams Realty has remained in the top 10 nationally since 2007.  

QSC® is a nationally recognized training program which focuses on providing premiere customer service.  This program introduces standards of practice and procedures to deliver more valuable service to clients.QSC



The Quality Service Certified® professional recognition may be the most important credential a real estate professional can hold. 

QSC® sales professionals offer clients a Quality Service Guarantee®, which is a written commitment to deliver a comprehensive list of services throughout the listing or sales transaction.

Following the closing of each home sale or purchase, an independent research company sends all Helen Adams Realty customers a comprehensive survey asking critical questions about the service provided by their agent.  All score results of the surveys are posted online for the public to view at: www.qualityservice.org.  The agent’s ability to maintain Quality Service Certified® status is dependent upon receiving exceptional evaluation feedback from each transaction.

How does Quality Service Certification® (QSC®) benefit the consumer?

When consumers spend significant dollars for a service, they expect consistency, reliability, and accountability from that professional service provider. Until now, the absence of service standards in the real estate industry contributed to the inconsistency of satisfaction/value experienced by the home seller/buyer. The Quality Service Certification program was created to offer greater value for the home seller or home buyer for every real estate transaction.

If the QSC® program is so great, why doesn’t every company require it?

The QSC® program demands a higher level of professional accountability. Because survey results are posted for every transaction by a third-party company, there is no way to “delete” bad scores or a bad overall company ranking.  Certainly, it takes a true commitment to service to be held accountable for this very public display of survey results.QSC

"Being the #1 Service provider in the Nation adds strength to our conviction that the standard of excellence in sales in anyindustry is about delivering the highest level of personal service," said Jeff Adams, President of Helen Adams Realty. "This simple approach to business is the essence of Helen Adams Realty, and our culture is the reason for our success."

Adams added, "Our agents asked us to search for ways to quantify the service we provide, and QSC® was the solution. The QSC® program allows us to measure the service we provide against the service provided by 550 real estate firms and 33,000 real estate agents from across North America. The QSC® program helps us to focus on what we do better than the vast majority of our competitors, and this is the path to greatness. The QSC® program allows us to measure our performance through the eyes of our customers. Measuring our service gives us tremendous power, because it gives us the knowledge of how we are doing which in turn allows us to continually improve."

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