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Charlotte Community News

October 7th, 2015  |  |  Add a Comment

This is going to be a 5 part series about 5 fabulous neighborhoods in Charlotte North Carolina. Each post will put one neighborhood in the spotlight. Highlighting its best features and places to explore!

Number 1: The Arts District

This is, hands down, the funkiest neighborhood in Charlotte. Bankers and other buttoned-down sorts are following the artists and musicians who first reclaimed homes and storefronts in this former mill village, but they haven’t scrubbed away its soul.

If suburbs are beige, the colors here are purple, pink, orange and electric blue — sometimes on the same front door. Locals know this as North Charlotte, the former mill village, or NoDa, a play on North Davidson Street. If you’re searching the local MLS online, it’s THE Arts District. The average house here sold for about $260,000 during the first half of 2008. You can still buy a non-restored, 1,000-square-foot bungalow for $150,000, but they’re getting hard to find. New loft condos start at approximately $125,000, and new bungalow-style homes are twice that.

You’ll find Charlotte’s most popular fish taco here at Cabo Fish Taco. Locals brag that you can find live music here almost every evening. Check out the Evening Muse. An old movie theater attracts acts such as Livingston Taylor, James’ little brother, who spent part of his childhood in Chapel Hill. Dogs and their owners are welcome at the Dog Bar. On the first and third Friday of each month, NoDa also hosts popular art gallery crawls!


Popular places to hang out include:

Amelie’s French Bakery: 24 hour bakery that has some amazing goodies! available at all hours of the day (try the salted caramel brownies)

Neighborhood Theater: Check out an awesome venue for live music, they have schedules updated regularly!

The Dog Bar: Enjoy a drink with your favorite 4 legged friends!

Be sure to stop by The Arts District, have a salted carmel brownie, stay a while!


Thank you Great American Country, for this article


October 6th, 2015  |  |  Add a Comment


Looking for something to do this weekend? Located in Historic Rural Hill, lasting until November 1st! There’s more than enough fun and confusion for all! Get lost in The Amazing Maize Maze! It is a giant seven acre corn maze featuring over two miles of interconnecting paths. One of the largest in the Southeast, The Amazing Maize Maze is sure to please! The whole of Rural Hill’s 265 acres is available to you and your group during maze hours – take a hayride around the farm, play a round of corn-hole, explore the historic site, play in the mini-mazes, have a picnic, hike the trails, pick a pumpkin (in October,) & much, much more! The maze is open form 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. Tickets range from $7.50-11$ depending on age! Visit their website for mor information.   The Amazing Maize Maze!

October 5th, 2015  |  |  Add a Comment

Does this cold rainy weather have you stuck inside? Are you constantly trying to think of something to do that doesn’t involve a Tv or remote control? Thanks to SeedTime, here are 15 easy projects you can do to help pass the time, and help increase your homes value! This is great for someone who is thinking of putting their home on the market!  These projects will increase your homes value and not decrease the cash in your pocket. use this gloomy weather to your advantage, with a little elbow grease, your home could have a brand new look!

Some of these projects are as simple as painting your kitchen cabinet, or sprucing up your landscapes by planting drought tolerant plants!


Check out some of these before and after shots to really get your motivated! Happy Decorating!!

simple ways to increase the value of your home

October 2nd, 2015  |  |  Add a Comment



Fall is officially here!

Pumpkin spice is in the air! which means it’s officially time to decorate to welcome this beautiful season. Here are 21 ideas to help decorate your front porch for fall. These are fairly simple, inexpensive, Do-it-yourself projects that will surly leave your neighbors jealous. Some projects are as simple as changing your color pallet and adding pumpkins and gourds! It is these small details that have the biggest impact on such an important area of your home! This is an area that people see first when entering your home, be sure to make it welcoming!


Happy Decorating!

October 1st, 2015  |  |  Add a Comment


Helen Adams Realty  thanks Evelyn McCorkle for her continued service to all of her clients. Some of her recent clients know that Envely is a tremendous help, and we’re proud to have her represent Helen Adams Realty! See what they had to say below:

Evelyn is by far one of the best realtors I have had the opportunity to deal with. Everyone I told about her seemed surprised at how great her service was and how helpful she was.”

Congratulations Evelyn and continue the great work! Learn more about Evelyn McCorkle here.



September 30th, 2015  |  |  Add a Comment

With fall weather quickly approaching soups and chili’s are going to be your go-too for easy warm meals. They can be frozen and reheated when needed, this a plus for planning ahead!

Here is a recipe for Chunky Sweet Potato Turkey Chili! It is unbelievable warm and comforting and perfect for a chilly fall day!


Sweet Potato Turkey Chili |


  • 1-1/2 lbs ground turkey
  • 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/2 in cubes
  • 2 large sweet peppers, cored and diced
  • 1 large onion, finely diced
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 can (30 oz) black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 can (30 oz) diced tomatoes
  • 2 cups tomato sauce
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a medium saucepan, brown ground turkey at medium-high heat until meat is no longer pink. Set aside.
  2. In a large pot, saute sweet potatoes, peppers, onion, and garlic in oil at medium-high heat until vegetables are soft and tender, about 10 minutes.
  3. Stir beans, tomatoes, sauce, cumin, chili powder, and browned turkey into sweet potato mixture. Stir over medium-high heat until chili is heated through. Season chili with salt and pepper and serve warm.


Store chili in refrigerator up to 5 days or freeze within 3 days.


September 30th, 2015  |  |  Add a Comment


Is your workspace being over taken by clutter? has put together a great list of 10 things you could toss away (or cut down on)right now to de-clutter your environment . This will help turn any overrun work space into an organized productive area!


  1. Expired couponsdesk-white-chair-bulletin-board-wall-shelving
  2. Old invitations
  3. Out-of-date school forms
  4. The overflow of paper clips (anything beyond a small handful)
  5. Duplicate water bottles you never use
  6. Random product manuals (you can usually find them online)
  7. Broken electronics
  8. Pens that don’t work
  9. Extra change jars (consolidate all coins into one container)
  10. Random knickknacks that landed here, like key chains and piñata prizes


September 29th, 2015  |  |  Add a Comment


This weekend marks the 22nd opening weekend for the North Carolina Renaissance Festival!


Come one, come all for a day  where history comes alive with non-stop entertainments, arts and crafts, games and rides, jousting knights on horseback, feasting and so much more!  Time travel to the greatest party since Camelot!  Huzzah! Be prepared for clashing armor, thundering hooves, and dramatic theater unfold as Fairhaven’s bravest knights battle for their Majesties’ honor three times daily in the tournament arena! Enjoy one of a kind crafts The Artisan Marketplace features over 100 vendors displaying a variety of unique, hand-made wares.  It’s a shopper’s paradise!  With the holiday season just around the corner, The Carolina Renaissance Festival is the perfect place to shop for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. Don’t forget about a giant turkey leg!


Here is a great coupon to help celebrate opening weekend!

September 28th, 2015  |  |  Add a Comment

This is part two of the two part series “Brokers Tell All: 10 Ways To Boost House Value!”


Continuing on with tips 6-10, click here to real steps 1-5!


6. Home Begins at the Front Door

“Don’t underestimate the power of a front door. People make up their minds in the first seven seconds of entering a house.”  If you’re up for more exterior upgrades, move to the back or sides of the house.

7. What’s Under Your Feet?

Don’t undervalue the materials you’re standing on. Ninety-four percent of real estate pros recommend spending some money on floors. But it doesn’t have to be a lot of money. For an estimated average investment of $600 to $900, brokers report that the return in value comes in at up to $2,000.

And you can spend even less than that. A few well-placed nails can eliminate distracting squeaks. Other small projects with a big impact include repairing broken tile, patching damaged floor boards, and tossing out the wall-to-wall carpeting.

8. Easy Bath Upgrades

Brokers, one and all, say spiffing up the kitchen and bath is a sure bet for adding value to your home. Surveyed brokers say these kinds of improvements can get expensive. It may not be economical to do a major renovation if you are trying to spend as little as possible before putting a house up for sale. But some upgrades are cheap, easy, and fast…especially in the bathroom.

Replace frosted glass for clear glass, clean the grout, remove rust stains, apply fresh caulk, update doorknobs and cabinet pulls, replace faucets, and install a low-flush toilet. Even buying a new toilet seat can make a difference. Bailey says, “You can spend $500 on a bathroom, and it’s totally tuned up.”

9. Neutral Wall Colors

If you’re getting ready to put a house on the market, don’t allow walls with chipped paint to go unmaintained. If you need to do more than a touch up, choose neutral colors.

Broker Reba Haas says, “Get out of your personal taste.” She says buyers want to be able to project their own ideas onto a space, and sellers can help with toned-down wall color.

10. Remove the Question Marks from Your House

“What’s that?” factor, and whatever it is (1950s wallpaper in a 1930s bungalow, a broken front step or cracked threshold, green-and-blue vinyl flooring), fix it or remove it. Brokers recommend getting the impartial advice of a friend who can tell you what’s drawing attention and raising questions for the wrong reasons. “The more questions, the more people are likely to say, ‘We don’t want that house.’ Sometimes it’s the quick fix that someone put in thinking, ‘I can live with it.”


September 25th, 2015  |  |  Add a Comment

Helen Adams Realty is excited to announce that 53 eco-friendly town homes are coming to the South End area! These townhouses are targeted to buyers who want to be closer to the transit options and the city center! The units will be spread out between 9 buildings ranging in size from 1,302 to 2,119 square feet. Amenities include proximity to the New Bern light rail station, hardwood flooring, quartz countertops, designer tile and stainless appliances. The units will also come solar-ready, meaning that owners can have solar installed for a small additional fee.

Be sure to join Hopper Communities at the launch party!

Where: Triple C Brewing Co., two blocks from the future development.

When: Saturday, September 26th. 12:00pm-2:00pm

Ooo Wee Barbecue food truck will be on site!

Win Free Beer for a Year!!

Get more information about the community, and launch party here!