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Charlotte Community News

August 26th, 2016  |  +Amy Hethcote  |  Add a Comment

MetPlanner Pineville

Plan a Day in Pineville:

With accessibility to both Charlotte and South Carolina via the LYNX Blue Line light rail, Pineville is Charlotte’s southernmost suburb. It’s a charming, small-town setting, and a gem filled with lots to discover.


For the kids and kids-at-heart, start off your day with excitement at Adventure Landing! From battling games in the arcade, slugging home-runs at the batting cages, hitting holes-in-one in mini golf, to speeding around in go-karts! If you’d prefer a more relaxed start to the morning, check out Jack Hughes Park for some fresh air! Enjoy the picturesque walking trail ideal for strolling.


Once you’ve worked up an appetite, try out Harper’s RestaurantThey have favorites for everyone, from grilled steaks and fresh seafood, to pit-cooked Carolina BBQ!

If you’re in need of some retail therapy, Carolina Place Mall has you covered.


Spend an evening gliding across the ice at the Pineville Ice House skating rink. Take your pick from public skating or hockey and figure skating lessons!

For authentic German cuisine, make reservations at Waldhorn Restaurant, one of Charlotte’s truly international eateries.

Late Night

End you night at Sammy’s Neighborhood Bar, for generous pours and complimentary games of pool and karaoke!

Adapted from Charlotte’s Got a Lot’s article:

August 25th, 2016  |  +Amy Hethcote  |  Add a Comment

Late summer is the ideal time to start thinking about changes you’d like to make in your landscape this fall.

We are at that in-between stage in the gardening year called August. Summer’s not quite over and autumn, the great season for gardening, is still weeks away. It’s the best time for contemplation, which takes only mental energy and should not make you sweat. This time of year is perfect because the soil and air get cooler, which allows roots to grow and develop. Pixabay - Gardening

Preparing for this work requires evaluating what you possess already. But beyond that comes the idea of whether you actually like something, either individually or as a group.

You should find beauty in your trees and shrubs, even if they are there to serve a function, such as creating a screen or defining a boundary. Flaws, too, may be evident when you take a close look. It could be such things as an overgrown shrub whose height and width take more space than you like, perhaps encroaching into a driveway or sidewalk. You remedy such problems by pruning every year or two. But is the plant’s appearance worth the trouble? Could it be replaced with something that will be the right size at maturity and produce beautiful flowers and foliage? Or, perhaps you have plants that bore you in every season and are no longer interesting. Many fine ornamentals offer year-round beauty from their seasonal flowers, their beautiful foliage or their great structure and shape. These are the real keepers and you know them when you see them because they appeal to the eye.

Vast numbers of interesting shrubs and trees are in the garden centers that will liven up the landscape. That means camellias, chosen for a long season of bloom through the winter and well into spring. And Japanese maples, for example, come in a wealth of textures, sizes and leaf color.

So, you look for the uninteresting, the overgrown and out of shape that await replacement and even the vacant spot awaiting a new resident. This is contemplation that requires thinking and study. And that’s a job for the heat of August. But fear-not Fall lovers! Autumn is right around the corner!

Adapted from The Charlotte Observer’s article:
August 23rd, 2016  |  +Amy Hethcote  |  Add a Comment

For decades, timidly ‘tasteful’ bathrooms have been decorated in tepid neutral shades. But now color—from truly cool blues to emphatic black—is on tap again. Here’s how to do it right:

(Click photos to learn more about the property)

For many years, a compulsively neutral color scheme has been the ideal: soothing whites, taupes, muted wood or stone. But graphic designer Constantine Giavos of Manhattan was having none of it. This year, he and his wife, Rachel Lamel, a fashion executive, moved into an Upper East Side apartment, escaping their old beige-tiled “absolute mediocrity” of a bathroom in the process. Renovating with help from New York designer Wesley Moon, Mr. Giavos binged on color in one of the full baths, tiling the walls and floors in celery green and pink respectively.

As home-design trends shift, Mr. Giavos appears to be ahead of the curve. Even if the powder room has traditionally been a canvas for decorating, the full bath has long been a neutral zone. Permanent tiles, vanities and fixtures don’t come cheap and homeowners typically play it safe, following the lead of housing developers. Result: an understated aesthetic that won’t offend anyone. Lately, however, designers say more clients are willing to go in a more bold direction: colorful, and even ornamented. “It’s a response to the boredom of two-and-a-half decades of neutral bathrooms,” said Mr. Moon. His more fearless clients, he said, are thirsting for color and “ready to rebel.”

9455 Titus Ln BrandonRuby Powder Rm

Patterns that pop! 9455 Titus Lane, Huntersville, NC 28078 | Listing Courtesy of: Brandon Ruby

A gutsier palette may also reflect confidence in the strengthening real-estate market, said Jamie Chappell, who tracks trends as creative director of San Francisco’s Fireclay Tile. Sales of existing homes reached a nine-year peak this May, according to the National Association of Realtors, and Bill Darcy, CEO of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), noted that “consumers are stretching themselves.” Mr. Darcy is mid-bathroom design himself, leaving behind beige tiles in his previous home and opting for blue walls and dark cabinets.

Still, for Charlotte Cosby, head of creative at Farrow & Ball, bathrooms are an ideal place to splash out a little. They aren’t rooms you socialize in, or rooms where you spend hours on end,” she pointed out. She’s heard the most regrets from “people who have stayed safe but wished they’d done something more interesting.” In what is the most intimate space in the entire home, success lies in finding the sweet spot between overly bland and over-the-top.

More Examples of Color Splashes:

7432 Valleybrook Rd Brandon Boyd Ensuite Ba

Don’t be afraid to go bright! 7432 Valleybrook Rd, Charlotte, NC 28270 | Listing Courtesy of: Brandon Boyd

949 Muirfield Dr Crystal CoxPowder Rm

Break the norm with a bold and warm color! 949 Muirfield Dr, Mooresville, NC 28115 | Listing Courtesy of: Crystal Cox

Adapted from The Wall Street Journal’s article:

August 19th, 2016  |  +Amy Hethcote  |  Add a Comment

OTM Header

Increasing Speed of Buying and Selling

Reprinted from July 2016 CRRA Monthly Indicators

Even as prices rise in many communities, homes are selling faster now than they have in the past several years. This creates a situation where buyers need to move fast in order to secure homes, and they may have to pay more for them. While increasing prices generally coax more selling activity, there has been some hesitancy among potential sellers who worry that they will not be able to buy a desirable and reasonably priced home once they sell.
New Listings were down in the Charlotte region 3.4 percent to 5,075. Pending Sales increased 20.4 percent to 4,543. Inventory shrank 23.0 percent to 11,290 units.

Prices moved higher as Median Sales Price was up 8.5 percent to $217,000. Months Supply of Homes for Sale was down 29.5 percent to 3.1 months, indicating that demand increased relative to supply. Low housing supply has already prevented an outright national boon in sales activity, despite a continuation of near record-low mortgage rates and an unemployment rate under 5.0 percent deep into 2016. The issue is not purchasing power. Many areas are falling behind last year’s closed sales totals simply because of lack of available inventory. As this continues, higher prices may put a deeper squeeze on the current buyer pool.

 The Vitals: A Look at Charlotte’s Overall Real Estate Market
OTM aug graph

  • Measuring July of 2015 to July 2016 Charlotte’s lack of inventory has stayed low, at 23%.
  • However, pending sales, contrasting July 2015 to July 2016, stayed on the rise at 20.4%.
  • The market inventory remains extremely low, putting even more of a squeeze on buyers.
  • Months supply of inventory stays at 3.1 for July 2016; this usually indicates the market is favorable for the seller. A balanced market is 6 months supply of inventory.


aug snapshot


aug closings

Click here to view our FULL On the Move Newsletter



August 15th, 2016  |  +Amy Hethcote  |  Add a Comment

In the tech world’s rush to make everything Internet-connected,homes seem to be the area with the most potential for change and lasting effect. There are certainly no shortage of startups and corporations trying to make it work. For now, only a handful of these gadgets look like they’ll bring more convenience than frustration. It’s hard to say that any smart home device is smart enough to be essential, but if you have an appreciation for forward-looking tech, there are devices out there that can help your day-to-day. Give them a chance, and it might be hard to go back. Here are a few we like.

  1. ecobee3 Smarter Wifi Thermostat: While the Nest Learning Thermostat is the current face of smart home tech for most, the ecobee3 could be superior depending on the amount of
    living space you have. At their cores, both devices have the same benefits: learning preferences and schedules, and adjusting temperature accordingly, sleek design, and heating or cooling your home from your phone (no more getting out of bed!). The perk of the ecobee3 really becomes clear if you live in a larger household. It can be more convenient if you pick up a couple more remote sensors. It does add to the cost, but it gives you more control over the temperature in different parts of your home.

1. ecobee3

  • Nest Protect: Like the Learning Thermostat above (#1), the Nest Protect spruces up and smartens a device many of us take for granted. The connected smoke and carbon monoxide detector does well with gauging potential dangers, while looking much nicer than a plastic chunk on the ceiling. It’s capable of alerting your phone if something goes awry while you’re not home. Plus, it has a “Pathlight” feature which lights up while it senses you walking around in the dark!

    Nest Protect

  • Amazon Echo: Technically the Echo is a Bluetooth speaker, but it also serves as a Siri or Google Now for your home. It can be your digital assistant that can fill you in on weather, start up some music, set alarms or calendar events, and search the web for random info! It’s a friendly, hands-free bridge to information and helpful to have around.

    Amazon Echo

  • Nest Cam: This gadget delivers a functional, high-res, and connected wireless security camera. It puts out a wide-angle, 1080p stream that you can watch right from you phone, limited to one every half-hour. It’s not a replacement for a full home security system, but it’s useful if you have a child that needs monitoring. A perk is that you can save and access past footage through the cloud!

    Nest Cam

  • Roomba 980: You’ve probably heard of the Roomba by now…it’s shamelessly expensive, but now you can schedule it to automatically start cleaning at specific times, regardless of whether or not you’re near it! It’s tidier at actually doing that cleaning, too, though it’ll still charmingly bash itself into a post every now and again. Imagine being able to tell it to clean while you’re out of town, or simply having less chores to do on weekends or after work!

    Roomba 980

  • August Smart Lock: This is a niche device among niche devices, but it does let you remotely control a door lock. Keys have never really been particularly complicated, but having your door open without having to touch a thing is pretty neat. It’s quite simple to install, and unlike other devices…it goes over your deadbolt instead of replacing it entirely. If you pick up August’s Connect accessory or use a compatible hub (like Logitech’s Harmony Home Hub, #7), you can also program the device to allow certain people into the house without you being there.

    August Smart Lock


  • Logitech Harmony Home Control: This is the best value for anyone with a few smart home devices. The included Harmony Companion remote can connect to things like the Nest thermostat, in addition to the usual suite of TVs, media streamers, cable boxes, game consoles, and so on. Using it isn’t constantly seamless, but for something that’s controlling up to 8 things at once, it’s far from unruly. It also ditches the IR blaster in favor of an RF signal, which means you don’t have to point it directly at what you want to control in order for it to work. Now that it’s dropped about $40, it doesn’t charge an outrageous amount for the perks either.

    Logitech Harmony Home Control


 Adapted from Business Insider’s article:

August 12th, 2016  |  +Amy Hethcote  |  Add a Comment

Below are this week’s 11 new listings. Click a property for more information.

Click here to view all upcoming open houses.


10708 Sapona Court, Charlotte, NC 28277 | MLS#: 3202644 | Offered at: $619,000 | Listing Courtesy of: Christine Hotham


901 Fontaine Court, Waxhaw, NC 28173 | MLS#: 3202673 |Offered at: $525,000 | Listing Courtesy of: Robin Woods


15547 Donnington Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277 | MLS#: 3202231 | Offered at: $430,000 | Listing Courtesy of: Margie Genda


9406 Ginhouse Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277 | MLS#: 3205131 | Offered at: $399,900 | Listing Courtesy of: Brandon Ruby


3437 Park South Station Boulevard #3437, Charlotte, NC 28210 | MLS#: 3204736 | Offered at: $305,000 | Listing Courtesy of: Lauren Ponder Dayton


7813 Grove Hall Avenue, Mint Hill, NC 28227 | MLS#: 3203767 | Offered at: $264,995 | Listing Courtesy of: Liz Partee


12604 Windyedge Road, Huntersville, NC 28078 | MLS#: 3203679 | Offered at: $240,000 | Listing Courtesy of: The Godley-Elder Team


2300 Turnberry Lane, Charlotte, NC 28210 | MLS#: 3202464 | Offered at: $209,500 | Listing Courtesy of: Group Jones Realty


11503 Destin Lane #116, Charlotte, NC 28277 | MLS#: 3202724 | Offered at: $189,500 | Listing Courtesy of: Zubin Shroff


7034 Elm Hill Court, Charlotte, NC 28217 | MLS#: 3204697 | Offered at: $165,000 | Listing Courtesy of: Kathy Ball


10740 Holly Ridge Boulevard #1001, Charlotte, NC 28216 | MLS#: 3204325 | Offered at: $119,900 | Listing Courtesy of: Joel Bouslough

August 11th, 2016  |  +Amy Hethcote  |  Add a Comment

2-Hour Drive from CLT: Lake Lure Beach and Water Park

Lake Lure Beach is surrounded by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Relax under the sun, float on the water, or picnic with friends. Take a splash into the water park to cool off! Enjoy the soaking games, a water slide, water cannons & the water wars. The beach and water park consists of approximately 3-acres and is located in the Town Center. Admission to the water park is included in the admission price of the beach.

Just a short walk from the Inn, Lake Lure Tours offers guided boat tours, pontoon boat rentals and non-motorized boat rentals such as stand up paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks. Take a comfortable hour tour of Lake Lure or book a lunch or dinner cruise.

The best part about visiting Lake Lure is that you can make it a day trip or stay for a weekend. There’s such a variety of destinations and activities, you can make the trip as short or as long as you’d like! If you’re planning a weekend trip, check out the hotel details here.

More attractions include:

Lake Lure Flowering Bridge

Chimney Rock Gem Mine

Chimney Rock State park

Canopy Ridge Outdoor Adventure Park

Buffalo Creek Park

So, whether you are looking for adventure or prefer to relax, Lake Lure has it all.

For more details and information visit:

August 9th, 2016  |  +Amy Hethcote  |  Add a Comment

Best Eats Mint Hill

Click a restaurant name to learn more and view their menu!

  1. Dunwellz – A proud member of the community that will take care of you like family! They’re well-known for their burgers, sandwiches, and sweet potato tots!
  2. New Asian Cuisine – Delicious Chinese cuisine in the heart of Mint Hill. You can expect quality dishes, quick service, and great prices.
  3. The Hill Bar and Grill – Not just a neighborhood bar! Their kitchen serves up daily specials! Grab a table with your friends or have a seat at the new custom-built bar. You can watch live sports action on any of their six 50″ TV’s!
  4. Big Guys Pizza – Big slices and great prices! This is the go-to place for pizza and Italian cuisine in Mint Hill.
  5. Irene Cafe – You’ll find most of Belgium’s specialties such as crepes, sweets or savory, Belgium waffles, and chocolate. All that crowned by a rich line of coffee specials!
  6. Penny’s Place – From the train track suspended from the ceiling, to the signs covering the walls, this restaurant is full of character! With a price range under $10, you have to check this place out.
  7. Mint Hill Rock Store BBQ – Their meats are smoked overnight with the perfect blend of hickory and cherry wood. They hand-pull to ensure a great quality lean product offering 3 signature sauces that come on the side. Go in and smell for yourself!
August 5th, 2016  |  +Amy Hethcote  |  Add a Comment

Below are this week’s 11 new listings. Click a property for more information.

Click here to view all upcoming open houses.


6425 Alba Rose Lane, Huntersville, NC 28078 | MLS#: 3201464 | Offered at: $389,900 | Listing Courtesy of: Lisa Turley


8027 Rittenhouse Circle, Charlotte, NC 28270 | MLS#: 3203633 | Offered at: $309,900 | Listing Courtesy of: Anish Shah, B.S.E.E.


1501 Lyon Court, Charlotte, NC 28205 | MLS#: 3203425 | Offered at: $300,000 | Listing Courtesy of: Lauren Ponder Dayton


949 Muirfield Drive, Mooresville, NC 28115 | MLS#: 3203333 | Offered at: $295,000 | Listing Courtesy of: The Godley-Elder Team


9515 Benton Place, Charlotte, NC 28277 | MLS#: 3202880 | Offered at: $295,000 | Listing Courtesy of: Tara Neperud


18603 Coachmans Trace, Cornelius, NC 28031 | MLS#: 3200079 | Offered at: $265,000 | Listing Courtesy of: The Godley-Elder Team


11407 Fox Hill Drive, Charlotte, NC 28269 | MLS#: 3201287 | Offered at: $238,000 | Listing Courtesy of: Amanda Freels


10308 Rocking Chair Road, Matthews, NC 28105 | MLS#: 3201865 | Offered at: $190,000 | Listing Courtesy of: Karen Cynowa


4728 Charlie Hipp Road, Charlotte, NC 28214 | MLS#: 3200963 | Offered at: $160,000 | Listing Courtesy of: The Godley-Elder Team


1225 Blossomwood Lane, Matthews, NC 28105 | MLS#: 3201363 | Offered at: $159,900 | Listing Courtesy of: Jerry Smith


13511 Tartarian Court, Charlotte, NC 28215 | MLS#: 3203472 | Offered at: $128,000 | Listing Courtesy of: Bryant Stadler

August 2nd, 2016  |  +Amy Hethcote  |  Add a Comment

Uptown View - with type

Every Friday, Aug 5-25 Movies Under the Stars @ SouthPark Mall (7:00 pm – 12:00 am)

Enjoy the last days of summer and cool down with FREE outdoor entertainment on the big screen. Before settling down to enjoy the film at dusk, kick-off the evenings at 7 pm with live music and activities! As always, moviegoers are encouraged to bring blankets and lawn chairs.

View the movie schedule & events details:

Saturday, Aug  13: Festival X @ USNW (9:30 am – 8:00 pm)

Join the U.S. National Whitewater Center in celebrating its 10 year anniversary! Enjoy a day with yoga, live music, corn hole tournament, craft beer, and outdoor adventure.

Sunday, Aug 14: Bands, Brews, and BBQ @ Carowinds (11:00 am – 7:00 pm)

As the place where the Carolinas comes together, Carowinds knows a thing or two about having a good time. That’s why they’re capping off this summer with live bands, tasty brews and mouthwatering BBQ. BBQ booths open at 11 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, Aug 20: World Honey Bee Day @ Charlotte Regional Farmers Market (8:00 am – 1:00 pm)

Beekeepers at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market will be passing out free honey recipes from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm. They will also be answering any questions that you have about honey bees and how vital they are to our food system. Take time today to give thanks to the small little insect that makes a big impact in our daily lives.

Every Thursday through Sept. 1, Alive After 5 @ The Epicentre 

Kick-start the weekend with the largest weekly happy hour, and free entertainment celebration! A perfect event for friends and co-workers to gather, unwind, and network while enjoying great live music, tasty beverages and a fun, casual atmosphere.