July 28th, 2016

Helen Adams Realty: July Testimonials

Congratulations to all of you for outstanding sales and service. Keep up the excellent work!

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“Jo provided excellent service and was willing to do anything to help sell property. Wish we had used Jo the first 6 months we listed the property.”

-C.C., Seller

“Very good experience. Will definitely use Michelle again.”

-R.M., Seller

“Had a wonderful experience!”

-K.M., Seller

“Very nice experience and great company to deal with.”

-D.R., Seller

“I interviewed three real estate companies. However, the minute I met Tracy & Lane Jones, I knew I would choose them. They were very thorough in providing information and their presentation was excellent. They even met me after church one Sunday so I could get some important information. The marketing package offered by Helen Adams Realty was incredible. Once I signed the contract with them to sell my house, they went right to work. My house sold quickly and I was having a hard time finding another home to buy. The software program to send potential homes is excellent. Lane called me about a potential townhome. I really wasn’t interested in the area, but he asked me just to come look at it. I fell in love with it so they went right to work negotiating for me. I ended up buying it. I have been here for a little over a month, and I am so happy with my home and the location. I can’t say enough good things about Lane and Tracy Jones. They are honest, thorough and of the highest integrity. They are truly a power team and I will recommend them to anyone I know who is selling or buying a home.”

-L.M., Buyer

“Colin was absolutely amazing in our home search! We were moving from out of state, which can be very hectic, but Colin made the transition very enjoyable for us. He was very attentive to every detail and I couldn’t imagine having completed the process with anyone else. I have found my lifelong real estate agent with Colin Malcolm.”

-M.H., Buyer

“Tresa did a wonderful, professional job from start to finish.”

-R.N., Buyer

“Liz went above and beyond throughout the entire process. We can’t wait to repay her with referrals.”

-B.J., Buyer

“Kelly is awesome! She was very thoughtful and caring. She made our transition from NY to NC so much smoother than anticipated. I would highly recommend her to all of my family and friends.”

-B.R., Buyer

“Jill is an amazing real estate agent. I was so satisfied with her help throughout the entire process. I really felt like she wanted what was best for me throughout the process and she was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood and the condo.”

-J.C., Buyer

“Anish is the best negotiator!”

-N.P., Buyer

“Libby is excellent. We fully trust her and plan to use her in the future.”

-M.N., Seller

“Curt was with us every step of the entire process and his advice was invaluable. I wish there are more knowledgable and caring agents servicing the real estate industry.”

-E.G., Seller

“Curt did a fantastic job start to finish. We paid him a bonus commission. Our house sold in one day after a bidding war”

-T.C., Seller

“So great to work with Cara! I was just thrilled that she knew the 4th Ward area and how to market downtown/uptown properties for sale! Thanks so much Cara!”

-K.K., Seller

“We do not know of any way Connie Lowry could have done a better job. She exceeded our extraordinarily high expectations. We would recommend her to anyone.”

G.M., Seller

“I like working with good, competent people and Jeff is truly a professional in every category.”

-D.C., Seller

“Lisa gave us excellent service. She was always available and gave prompt responses to any questions.”

-M.R., Seller