July 10th, 2017

How to Turn a Small Yard Into a Huge Showpiece

First impressions are everything. Curb appeal and yard space can be a huge showpiece when putting your home on the market. It’s important for homeowners not to underestimate the power of a yard space, even if it’s limited in size.

There are plenty of ways to enhance a small yard. From setting a focal point to using reflective materials, tweaking the furnishing scale, accenting with container gardens and layering the light, REALTOR® Magazine gave homeowners tips on how to improve the look of their lots regardless of the size – whether you’re preparing to sell your home or just looking to enjoy the space you have in the season of outdoor living, there’s a tip for everyone.

Set a Focal Point

Small spaces can benefit from one attention-grabbing feature, like a water fountain or outdoor fireplace. Beyond a physical focal point, you can give your outdoor oasis a descriptive quality that is great to share with potential buyers, friends, family and entertain you while you enjoy it. For example, you can tell them that an area attracts butterflies or hummingbirds, etc. By adding the right types of plants and wild life attractors you’ll give your space an extra something.

Yard Furniture

12806 Meetinghouse Drive presented by Helen Adams Realty’s Karen Spell shows how to decorate a small outdoor living space by adding a creative focal point.

outdoor yard space

514 Louise Avenue presented by Helen Adams Realty’s Eric Layne has a pond with water features and furnishing.

Show Off the Green

Pruning plants in a way that results in them becoming more vertical than horizontal and trains the plant to grow up rather than out, and you can benefit a smaller space. Containers or vertical walls of plants are other ways to save space while still showing off the yard’s natural features, and giving you the garden you didn’t think you had room for.

Use Outdoor Reflections

Interior designers explained to REALTOR® Magazine that hanging an outdoor-friendly mirror on an exterior wall to reflect light can make a smaller yard or patio space feel more open. In order to show off the greenery and natural features of the yard, pay attention to what you are reflecting so that it is not hindered by a reflection of a bare wall or bulky barbecue set.

Bring the Indoor Space Out

Show how the space can be used for outdoor entertainment by connecting the indoor space to the outdoor space. This would make the backyard feel larger and look more appealing to buyers. Add a waterproof rug, cushioned furniture, outdoor throw pillows, etc. Using the same colors you find inside the home in the exterior color scheme will help with the connection between living spaces inside and out. If you want potential buyers to feel like they can hang out in the outdoor area, give them an example of how they can furnish it.

yard deck

2121 Vail Avenue listed by Helen Adams Realty’s Susan Shirer is a perfect example of outdoor furniture and living space.

For more tips and tricks on outdoor decorating, read http://styledstagedsold.blogs.realtor.org/2017/07/10/maximize-that-outdoor-space-regardless-of-size/ which this article is based off of.