August 29th, 2017

How to Create the Perfect Backyard Getaway

With fall approaching, cooler weather comes with the desire to stay outside a little longer than on those hot summer days. Try these ideas from Better Home and Garden Magazine paired with some examples of our own listings at Helen Adams Realty to turn your outdoor entertainment area into a relaxing backyard oasis.

Dress up Your Deck: Decorating and connecting different levels of your outdoor space could create more depth for dining and relaxing outside. Connecting areas of your backyard with vines and an abundance of plants can help blend the structure of the landscape and connect areas like the deck, garden, etc.

074_Rear View

112227 McClure Manor Drive listed by Sherrie Andrews

Add an Outdoor Kitchen: From spring until fall, people love eating outdoors. Whether you are grilling out or just sipping coffee in the morning, an outdoor kitchen might be the perfect addition for your home. A countertop for food preparation, closed storage containers and a separate side burner will make your outdoor cooking experience even more convenient. You can add a refrigerator and sink to make preparation and cleanup even easier.

Highgrove Street-10

8429 Highgrove Street listed by Beth Leonard

Guarantee Privacy: Your outdoor entertainment area will feel more like your personal oasis if it has a sense of privacy. Fences, garden walls or pergolas could create that privacy and define your backyard space.

058_Rear Yard

11432 James Jack Lane is currently under contract, but click here to see other listings by Christine Hotham

Make Shaded Spots: You’ll enjoy your patio or deck even more if it is available all year round, regardless of the weather. Growing mature trees, putting up decorative umbrellas and awnings and planting vines on arbors can provide that shady protection we all need at times outdoors.


9006 Pine Laurel Drive listed by Megan Barlow