January 11th, 2018

Zillow Recognizes Charlotte as a Hot Market in 2018

It seems as if every week Charlotte tops another national list of places to be, places to move to, or places to invest in. This week is no different, as Zillow recognized Charlotte as one of the top five hottest real estate markets for 2018.

Charlotte came in at number four on the list, falling behind San Jose, Seattle and our neighboring city, Raleigh. Zillow credits Charlotte’s income and population growth to the city’s climbing reputation as a financial center with companies like Bank of America based in town. Zillow predicted Charlotte’s average household income as $59,979 for the coming year and cited Glassdoor, which expects almost 50,000 new job openings for the Charlotte market in 2018.

Residents in Charlotte have clearly seen the economic and developmental growth first-hand the past few years as more restaurants, apartments, office buildings, and hotels are being built than ever before. While Charlotte gets more and more acknowledgment on the national level, we see more growth here locally as far as population and real estate development.

Rebecca Adams , Helen Adams Realty’s Relocation Manager, has noticed a significant increase in relocation to the Charlotte area. She believes that we will only continue to see an increase in corporations choosing to come here and/or mover employees here.

From Matthews and Mint Hill to Huntersville and Concord, Charlotte and its surrounding areas have been growing like never before. With countless things to do around the city, ranging from sporting events to restaurant openings and musical theater performances to outdoor entertainment, Charlottes residents and neighbors can find something to do any weekend.

We experience the great things that Charlotte has to offer every day so although it might not surprise us, we are excited to receive more national recognition in this Zillow list of 2018’s hottest markets. The future looks bright for Charlotte as more people and businesses continue to relocate to our area.