February 12th, 2018

How to Create a Home Inventory and Why It’s Important

For homeowners, one of the most important things to know is how to keep your home and your belongings safe. Home safety is crucial when moving into a new home and with today’s technology and smart phones; this can be an easy task that could someday help if your valuables are lost, stolen or damaged. We took a few tips from RIS Media’s House Call and How to Geek to help come up with a cheat sheet of ways to manage and keep track of your home’s inventory.

  1. Know what qualifies as “valuable”

Most people understand that high-valued things like jewelry and technology need to be documented, but there are other items in the home that aren’t as obviously considered “valuable”. Keep track of all of your furniture and electronics, even if they are older. It’s good to document smaller items in addition to the big ones; you never know what the cost of smaller valuables could add up to. Products ranging from your computer, camera, and television to power tools, fine china, and even expensive shoes could be worth documenting.

  1. Use an app

You can create entries for each item in your house and include photos of each. There are fields for price, purchase date, serial number and other product details. It’s also beneficial to keep these items backed up on an app or drive in case the device you store this information on is also subject to damage or loss. Apps like Encircle, Belongings, Sortly and Know Your Stuff are all helpful ways to keep track of your home inventory.

  1. The easiest method: Photo and Video

With the quality of today’s smart phones, it’s easy for home owners to take high quality pictures of products, serial numbers, and other identifiers. Recording individual videos or taking individual pictures of the products information is an easy way to document all important belongings in the home.

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed

While you need to be thorough, remember that you are taking inventory, not shooting a Hollywood film. The videos don’t need to be lengthy and pictures don’t need to be excessive. Creating a home inventory is as simple as hitting record and walking around your house. Update this inventory about once a year to keep things accurate.