May 29th, 2018

This Backyard Trend for 2018 Might Surprise You

A new trend is taking over the home and garden design world and it isn’t exactly what you’d imagine. People are skipping the luxurious pools, hot tubs, and stone patios and opting for multi-purpose sheds.
These sheds aren’t for storing your lawn mowers and old junk, they are multi-functional and deluxe detached spaces from your home. The main reason for this trend comes down to privacy. A detached living space like these sheds can function as a home away from home or as an office with no distractions and no reason to lose focus.
The idea of a multi-purpose shed might sound nice to homeowners looking for something extra. When planning to build an additional space like a shed, it is smart to consult your local government and code enforcement to know you are following the correct procedures. According to Mecklenburg County’s website, a building permit is required if any one dimension is greater than 12 feet.
While building a new shed is an option, homeowners also have the option to revamp their own sheds if they are looking old or tired. If you are remodeling a shed that’s already been built, thermal insulation is a great idea to install. HouseBeautiful explains that thermal insulation is designed to keep the structure cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which would be ideal for people who plan to use the sheds all year round. This also saves money on heating the shed in colder months and keeps things more energy efficient.
Remodeling a shed can be the same idea as revamping your family’s home. Don’t underestimate a fresh coat of paint on the inside and the outside. By painting the exterior walls a brighter color, you can create a direct focal point for your outdoor space or painting it a darker color will help it blend into its natural surroundings. Make sure that your shed feels like an actual room or extension of the home if you will be spending a lot of time in it.
These multi-purpose sheds are becoming a hot trend for homeowner’s backyard spaces. The functionality and privacy make them an ideal, unconventional addition to the house. Be sure to follow the rules and processes in place by your local code enforcement when preparing the sheds and treat the space like it is part of the home. Need assistance finding out who to call about building or zoning permits? Call an experienced REALTOR®. With years of experience and knowledge of the area, any of our agents could point you in the right direction regarding contractors, builders, permits, or designers at any point in the process.