May 23rd, 2018

Creating High End Curb Appeal for Less

Your home’s curb appeal is its first impression to guests, neighbors, and possible home buyers. This creates a sense of pressure on homeowners to make sure that landscaping is perfect, shrubs are trimmed, flowers are blooming, and the whole exterior looks inviting and beautiful. There are ways to create that perfect curb appeal while not breaking the bank. Now that the weather is warm, get outside and get creative with your home’s landscaping and exterior aesthetic. Here are a few tips and tricks from Better Homes and Gardens to keep that curb appeal looking nice while staying under budget.

Start by picking plants that last for a long time without much upkeep, like peonies, hostas, and irises. Having a variety of different flower textures and colors can create a well-manicured front yard. Exchanging plants with neighbors and friends could also be a fun way to keep things well-maintained and different.

Don’t be afraid of flea markets or low-cost outdoor shops. Find inspiration in things you already own or have been handed down to you. Repurposed containers like barrels, birdbaths, and wheelbarrows could be a cost-effective way to add character to your yard. Here is a list of flea markets in the Charlotte area that could have that perfect addition you’ve been looking for.

Adding a refurbished wooden bench or chair to your front yard can add another layer to your curb appeal. You can find cheap benches or chairs on websites like Craigslist and find a few colorful pillows or cushions to brighten it up.

DIY Network suggests for homeowners on a budget to simply paint the front door, trim or shutters. You will be surprised how much difference a fresh coat of paint can make! Most exterior paint will cost about $30 a gallon and painting your home can add brightness and luster to your front yard. Be sure to properly prep all outdoor surfaces that you paint so that the paint lasts longer and looks brighter.

There are a ton of small, low cost improvements that homeowners can do to boost the exterior look of their home. Adding an impressive sense of curb appeal to the home not only makes it easier to sell but it also can be an easy upgrade to keep your home looking well-maintained.