July 17th, 2018

How to Make the Front Porch a Selling Point

The first thing potential home buyers will notice at a listing is the curb appeal. The driveway that leads them to the newly painted front door, the perfectly landscaped and trimmed front yard, and the front porch that invites neighbors and friends to come inside.

More builders are adding front porches back into new home designs, according to Melissa Tracey with REALTOR® magazine, providing a serious comeback for the outdoor trend.

The front porch was once a staple in home floor plans and now we are seeing the iconic front porch reemerging back into the world of home design. Younger generations are opting for homes with a front porch for both entertainment and comfort.

We asked local interior designer and business owner, Charlotte Staton, about her opinion on how to spruce up your outdoor space if you have a front porch. She encourages home owners on a budget to go to their local garden shop and buy planters to enhance your porch.

“Nestle topiaries, ferns, or a combination of foliage into the vessels,” Staton suggests. “Don’t have time or a green thumb? Build up the inside of the planter with bricks or blocks and simply place the plastic plant pot into the planter. Dress the top with pine needles or Spanish moss and no one will know your secret.”

Think of the front porch as an extension of the home and make it as inviting as your interior spaces. Staton says that a key point is to allow the potential buyer to visualize themselves in the space, so make it comfortable. Add pillows, fresh flowers, and a pitcher of lemonade to provide a welcoming feel.

Knowing that home buyers are beginning to look for front porches, homeowners thinking about selling should take advantage of the trend and make sure that their curb appeal meets those standards. Keep the space light, bright and remember not to clutter so that the potential buyer can imagine their future in the space.