September 24th, 2018

Behr Announces 2019 Color of the Year

Behr, an industry leading paint company, has named their 2019 Color of the Year as a rich, blue hue.

Blueprint, the mid-tone blue hue, is described as warmer than denim but softer than navy. The announcement of this color comes with the transition of the fall season, giving consumers a new popular paint option just in time for the season change. Being that this huge is an easy compliment to much of the color wheel, it is sure to be a prevalent style in 2019 home design.

Blueprint can be used for many aspects of home design from wall color to throw blankets and rugs to window shutters.Interior and exterior spaces will benefit from a pop of this blue, as seen in the beautiful back porch found at Deb White’s listing in Longview below.

8720 Southshore Drive Waxhaw-print-008-42-Patio-4200x2804-300dpi

Behr describes the shade as an “honest, approachable color that conjures up the blueprints builders rely on to bring architectural designs to life, Blueprint creates a space where you can build your own reimagined life—where awareness of what we want to build for ourselves can transform into action.”


Visit Behr’s website to explore their 2019 Trends Palette for more design inspiration. The company gives color suggestions to match blueprint in monochromatic colors, earth tones, pastels, jewel tones.