October 23rd, 2018

Why Buyers Should Continue Their House Hunt in the Fall

In the real estate world, the spring and summer months are a frenzy with homes coming on the market, beautiful weather for open houses, and business booming. This doesn’t mean, though, that when the fall season comes the real estate market should completely cool down. Now may be a better time than ever for buyers to go house hunting.


REALTOR® Magazine recently published a piece about the five reasons why clients should continue their house hunt in the fall. Since this is a nationally-focused article, it is always best to consult a real estate professional in your area for a more specific look.


One benefit of looking at homes in the fall is the decreased focus on landscaping. In the warmer months, a home’s lush landscaping might hide the foundation and other physical, exterior aspects that buyers need to concentrate on. A bare yard will also allow buyers to see the home’s potential if they were to move in and re-landscape.


Another bonus for buyers who are looking for a home during this time of year is that there is typically less pressure to act fast. In the spring and summer busy seasons, clients are often warned about multiple offer situations and potentially losing the home they desire because of increased traffic from other buyers. During the slower months, that pressure is less prominent. Less competition from other buyers can mean less stress during the home search process.


In today’s market, with low inventory and a large number of buyers, we are seeing multiple offer situations turn into high sales prices. During the fall, when there are less buyers in the market, is it possible to see a drop in home prices due to less competition. This means potential savings and less hassle.


Buyers shouldn’t be discouraged from their home search as the seasons continue to change. The slower market could help them in the long run with more available agents, less competition from other buyers, and a more realistic look at the home’s outdoor spaces. If you are in the market for a new home but are unsure of where to start, call one of our real estate agents. Looking for the perfect agent to fit you and your needs? Our referral services manager, Jordan Nelson, can help make the perfect match.