February 14th, 2019

Locals Supporting Locals

Helen Adams Realty, a Charlotte-based company since 1975, takes pride in being a locally owned business. Founder Helen Adams was a 6th generation Charlottean and her son Jeff and his children, all of whom are involved in the business, are 7th and 8th generation respectively. These deep roots are part of the reason for the firm’s strong commitment to give back to the community that has given so much to it. After all, Charlotte’s small businesses are what make it unique.


Since 2017, Helen Adams Realty has partnered with NC-based company, LoLo, whose motto is “Locals Supporting Locals.” When the founder, Clark Harris, came to Charlotte to speak with the firm’s management team about a possible partnership it was a natural fit.


“The foundation of the program is all about supporting local business owners and giving back to the local economy,” said Rebecca Starrs, Chief Marketing Officer. “We couldn’t pass up that opportunity.”


The LoLo program allows Helen Adams Realty’s agents to give curated gifts and experiences to their clients while also enriching the connection between those clients to local businesses. As opposed to other popular coupon or gift programs, LoLo is focused on benefitting the business owner and the client alike. The full value of the gift is covered by the firm and agent, meaning a vendor is never asked to discount their goods and services.


“The LoLo program has been a streamlined way to stay in touch with current and past clients. It’s a nice way to say ‘thank you’ and show appreciation,” said Jack Marinelli, an agent at the firm’s Randolph Road office.


The partnership between Helen Adams Realty, LoLo, and local owners has been a roaring success all around, with more than $18,000 contributed to local businesses since mid-2017. Local businesses include breweries, flower and gift shops, coffee houses, restaurants, retailers, adventure companies, and more. Specifically, LoLo has allowed our agents to gift from places like Green Brothers Juice Co., Providence Road Sundries, Eleven Lakes, , My Aloha Paddle & Surf, Jesse Brown’s, and The Cubby Hole, to name a few.


The firm also supports the local community through it’s scholarship fund at UNC-Charlotte and through the Keep Charlotte Beautiful Adopt-A-Street clean up program, among other contributions.