March 21st, 2019

How to Prep Your Curb Appeal for Spring Market

As the spring season approaches, the housing market gets busier and busier and the pressure is on to stand out. While we’re always told not to judge a book by it’s cover, the rule doesn’t always apply to real estate. One easy way for potential sellers to prepare their homes for market is boosting curb appeal. Achieving an impressive first impression is possible whether you are looking for a high end look or you are working on a budget.


Here are some easy ways to highlight your home’s exterior when preparing to sell:


Focus on the landscaping

When the warmer weather arrives, use this time to remove any distracting items and de-clutter your yard. Clean all outdoor furniture and lawn art and be sure to hide away any toys or items in the yard. Keep the lawn freshly mowed and trimmed for visitors.


Use a power washer and clean your windows

Use a power washer to clean paved surfaces outside the home. Clean fences, brick and vinyl siding to make any soiled surfaces look like new. Once your exterior surfaces are clean, even a dirty window can distract from the overall visual of your home. Spend time cleaning those windows – including the frame – and notice the difference.


Make the front door a focal point

Making the front entrance to your home as appealing as possible will create a warm welcome for newcomers and potential buyers. Adding a wreath or welcome mat at the front door or a new coat of paint can create an attractive entryway.


Pay attention to your mailbox

Depending on its condition, consider replacing or updating your mailbox. If it’s a bit older, consider a fresh coat of paint or a deep clean. When buyers drive up to your house, the mailbox is one of the first accents to greet them.


Consider adding foliage

Hanging planters or adding flower pots are simple ways to add a pop of color to your front yard aesthetic. If you have a front porch, consider lining the porch with hanging planters or baskets. Planting flowers along a walkway or garden will also help boost the curb appeal for visitors.


There are many easy improvements that homeowners can make to boost the exterior look of their home. Boosting curb appeal not only makes it easier to sell a home but it also can be an easy upgrade to keep your home looking well-maintained.