May 16th, 2019

Hot Home Design Trends for the Warmer Months

As the seasons change, so can our inspiration and creativity when it comes to our home’s aesthetic. Spring cleaning and warm weather might provoke home owners to clean up, clear out, and reorganize. Whether you are considering selling your current home or simply interested in sprucing up your forever home, we’ve got you covered on what’s hot in the home design space. Here are some major home design trends to keep an eye out for.


Product Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming more and more prevalent in home design, as consumers are starting to focus more on what their home furnishing decisions mean for the environment. Companies like Ikea are becoming more intentional on this process as well, according to Anna Granath, Product Developer at Ikea. The furniture store is finding ways to use more recycled materials in products, such as paper, fibre, foam and plastic.


Mix and Match Patterns, Texture, and Decor

Pattern is key this season, in contrast to the more minimalist look. While mixing different patterns together, keep the color palette in mind. In order to create a balanced aesthetic, maintain the same basic tones in design plans. Plain furniture can act as a blank canvas in a room that combines eclectic wall art, patterned wallpaper, or decorative rugs. Create a collaboration of culture and personality and let your decor tell a story.


Geometric Shapes and Sizes

Living Spaces advises readers not to limit geometric patterns to throw pillows. Instead, incorporate bold wall art, table decor and area rugs that show a variation of squares, circles and other shapes.


“Geometric patterns definitely continue to trend,” confirms Lynai Jones, owner and CEO of Mitchell Black Home Decor. “Angles created by straight lines in contrasting colors create both order and chaos, thereby appealing to a wide audience of those who appreciate the clean lines and math, as well as those who revere color, design, and art.”


Open Shelving to Eliminate Clutter

In an overall lean towards simplicity, open shelves can be still be used in different colors, finishes, and mediums to add that subtle element of design. Check out Elle Decor’s list of kitchens with perfect open shelves for ways to incorporate this trend into your own space.


Botanical Patterns and Vibrant Greens

Plants have been a focus of interior design over the past few years, and their presence will live on through nature-inspired patterns and prints throughout 2019. Use botanical patterns and leafy greens in things like throw pillows and blankets, bold wallpaper or accent walls, and floral patterned bedding. Green symbolizes life, growth, and renewal thanks to its association with nature. For those who aren’t afraid of a bold splash of color, green is a great choice.


Using these trends in your spring and summer design plans can add life to a blank canvas. These ideas offer something for every style and every home. As the warmer seasons transition, use this time to say hello to new colors, patterns, styles, and materials in your home decor.