July 31st, 2019

Rent Friendly Decorating Tips

Life in a rental can be a bit restrictive when it comes to home decorating and improvement projects. Although in a rental you might not be able to accomplish the big, tear down, power tool projects – you can still enhance the cosmetics of your living space with temporary solutions. Here are a few ideas for rental-friendly projects that can be undone or taken with you when it is time to go.


Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a major comeback in the home design space and it’s coming in all different shapes and sizes. One popular remake of the trend is removable, temporary wallpaper. Find the right pattern or color of wallpaper for your rented space and add a pop to your walls or stairway.


Removable Tile Decals

Speaking of removable home design, why stop at the wallpaper? Companies are now offering removable tile decals for bathroom or kitchen spaces. Create a custom backsplash over the stove or a unique shower wall without the permanency of real ceramic.


Makeover Your Outdoor Space

Most rentals don’t have much of an outdoor space, if one at all. Be mindful of ways to make small patios and yards seem larger. Using reflective pieces like hanging glass or mirrors, setting one main focal point, and showing off the natural foliage are all ways to make the space look bigger than it is.


Rugs Can Hide the Floor’s Past

Before moving in, it never hurts to have the floors professionally cleaned but if they still look used, area rugs will be your new best friend. Place them over scratched hardwoods or even over stained carpet to make the space look as good as new.


Indoor Plants Can Add Life

Introducing indoor plants to your home design plans can make the home come to life, even if it’s not your permanent residence. Finding decorative pots or hangers for your foliage can connect your interior design with the outdoors. An added bonus is that plants are a natural indoor air purifier.


It can often feel discouraging or unnecessary to invest time and money into a house that is not permanently yours, but adding special touches to your rental home can increase your sense of comfort and enjoyment. Whether you are there for a month or a year, you’ll want that space to feel like forever for you and your guests.