August 23rd, 2019

Searching for a Vacation Home? We Can Help

As the summer season comes to a close, it doesn’t necessarily mean vacations have to end. One of the great things about life in the Carolinas is that we are conveniently located near the beach, the mountains, and destinations in between. If you are looking to invest in a vacation home to enjoy yourself and relax throughout the year or even for some additional income, we’ve got a few suggestions for your search process.


At Helen Adams Realty, we can help you find a home anywhere in the country through our award-winning Relocation Department. Our Referral Services Manager, Jordan Nelson, has relationships with agents and firms across the country to help our clients find the right fit, whether it’s in our backyard or not.


“Over the years, we’ve built a strong network of agents and relocation professionals,” said Nelson. “As a Ninja selling company, we focus on relationship-based selling and I like to work with agents who share similar values. Before I place a referral, I start with finding out more about the client, their timeline, budget, and what exactly they’re looking for. For example, are they looking for beach condo investment property or a big cabin in the mountains? I do research on the area, the market, firms in the area and widdle down a big list of potential agents to a few who I think would be the best match and resource for our client.”


Similar to Nelson’s process, one of the first things to think about when looking for a vacation home is what the ultimate use of the space will be. Are you renting it out via AirBNB or VRBO as an additional source of income? Is it a place where you would one day like to retire? Do you think you will be there long term or just for a few years? These questions will affect the maintenance, financing, and future plans for the home.


Another important factor is location. Luckily, in the Carolinas we get a little bit of everything. We have multiple lakes close to Charlotte but even if you spread your search a bit farther you can find Lake James, Lake Tillery, Lake Gaston, and many others worth exploring. If you enjoy water sports and outdoor activities, a nearby lake might be the perfect place to call your vacation home. Charlotte is also close enough to the mountains for a nearby cabin in the woods. A quick drive east will bring you to the coast where you can find beachfront or ocean view property.


Nelson says that she sees significant interest in beach communities like Myrtle Beach and the Wilmington area. On the opposite end of the spectrum, she also gets a lot of requests for mountain towns like Asheville and Blowing Rock. Popular non-vacation spots that Nelson has experience with include Chapel Hill, parts of Raleigh, Columbia and Clemson for people who may want to purchase investment property in college towns.


Since, for the most part, you will not be at the home physically all-year-round, you will need to figure out a maintenance plan for the property. Finding trustworthy and reputable cleaning crews, yard maintenance teams, and neighbors or friends to check in on the place can be a daunting task but well worth it. You’ll want to know that whenever you make the drive to your new vacation home, it feels just like that – home.


Factor in additional costs of owning a second home while remembering that you have another primary residence to be responsible for. Setting a pre-planned budget of manageable housing costs can help you in the long run when the unexpected home improvement projects arise at either residence. After all, the vacation homes are meant for relaxation, not financial burden or stress.


“Do your research and utilize your resources,” Nelson suggests. “An agent you already have a relationship with probably knows agents in other markets or may have a relocation department who specializes in placing referrals. Be cautious before googling to pick the agent with the prettiest website and who has sold the most expensive house. Picking the right agent for you is about more than sales volume and online reviews.”


If you are looking for a home away from home, we can help you locally, in the Carolinas, or anywhere else across the country. With referral connections throughout the United States, our Relocation Department can assist homebuyers with their search, near and far. When our clients, friends, and family have a need for real estate assistance, we are proud to help them wherever that need may take them.