October 23rd, 2019

Experiencing Leaf Season in the Carolinas


One of the best parts about the seasons changing is the wide range of orange, red, and yellow hues hanging from the trees. As the leaves in North Carolina change to their vibrant fall colors, we’re reminded of the natural beauty in our community. The state’s mountains, valleys, and piedmont region’s contribute to perfect seasonal temperatures and captivating colors falling from the trees. Near or far, there are certain places around the Carolinas that make these fall views even more spectacular. Here is a list of some places in the area where you can experience the beauty of fall in the Carolinas for yourself.


Crowder’s Mountain

Crowder’s Mountain is a quick trip from Charlotte, just a few miles west of the city center. With many popular hiking trails, the summit of Crowder’s Mountain offers views over the treetops to Charlotte’s skyline and all that’s to its west.


Uwharrie National Forest

This forest covers 50,000 acres in parts of Montgomery, Davidson, and Randolph counties. The natural acreage has rivers running through the forest, hiking and horseback riding trails, and camp sites. With this much natural space, the changing leaves are sure to stand out in the fall. Visit the forest’s website for details and location.


Asheville, N.C

Asheville is home to a vibrant brewery scene and eclectic artists, making it the perfect destination spot for the fall months. During these months, fall colors will make their way through the towns and mountains of Western North Carolina. Reference this interactive fall color map to see when is the perfect time to visit this side of the state.


Blue Ridge Parkway

Tens of thousands of people visit the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to see the fall colors change. The parkway offers one of the most colorful and longest running fall leaf seasons in the world. With many stops, overlooks, and parks along the way, the Blue Ridge Parkway map offers several places to catch these views. Reference the Blue Ridge Parkway fall guide to see when and where you should experience these colors.


Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain State Park is a popular point of interest in the northwest part of North Carolina. Guests can drive their own vehicles through the park, stop along the way and enjoy park activities and shops, or walk the famous Mile High Swinging Bridge. The mountain’s 2019 Fall Color Gallery shows the colors at Grandfather, separated by specific date and area of the park, giving guests an idea of what to expect during their time of visit.


For the next month, leaves and foliage around the region will be changing colors and offering beautiful displays of the Carolinas’ nature. Check foliage maps, local blogs, and progression updates online while planning your trips to see these changes. Now is the perfect time to experience everything that the Carolinas have to offer, from the valleys in the piedmont to the highest mountain tops.