October 29th, 2019

Starting your Home Search with Helen Adams Realty

The road to homeownership is an exciting one – but where do you start? Today’s housing market is experiencing shrinking inventory paired with growing consumer demand, making it particularly competitive for buyers starting their journey. We have put together some tips and suggestions to make your home buying experience as smooth as possible no matter the current real estate climate. 


Once you are seriously considering buying a home, get in touch with your trusted Helen Adams Realty agent who will talk you through the entire process. Your agent is your advisor and will be by your side sharing what to expect, helping you find homes, providing insights into the market, assisting in negotiations, and generally guiding you throughout the journey.


Your agent’s first suggested step will be to talk to a mortgage lender. A mortgage professional can give insight into how much you can afford, what your monthly payments would be, and if necessary, what you can do to improve your credit or financial situation before making your purchase. Not only will a lender help you narrow down a more realistic view of your home search, getting pre-approved by a reputable lender in the early stages might help you when it comes to a multiple offer situation.


Another important step in the home buying process is to know the difference between what you need and what you want. Before you start your search, make a list of things you must have, things you should have, and things you dream to one day have. By narrowing down your wish list, you’ll be able to have a more clear view of the home you’re looking for. While thinking about features of the home that you desire is important, also keep in mind the area of town or neighborhood that you’d prefer. Commute times, lifestyle preferences, and cost of living can all depend on what part of town you decide to buy in. Reference tools like our drive time feature to factor commute times into your home search and our communities pages to learn more about Charlotte and its surrounding areas.


Once you have started your search, there’s no strict timeline to prepare for. Depending on several different variables, it could take days or months to find “the one,” have your offer accepted, negotiate terms, and work through any possible repairs. This is a vital time to lean on your real estate agent for help. As you can imagine, there is a substantial amount of due diligence required after an offer is accepted. Trust your agent to guide you through the paperwork and successfully to the closing table. Finalizing the loan documents, recording the deed, and signing paperwork will be some of your final steps. Upon finishing these items, you’ve ended the adventure of home buying and started a new adventure of homeownership!

The road to purchasing a home is exciting but requires skillful navigation. When starting your home search, make sure you are working with a trusted real estate advisor who can be your guide through contracts, negotiation, repairs, and the ultimate goal of finding your perfect home. If you aren’t sure where to start, give Jordan Nelson Bass, our Referral Services Manager, a call. Through her diligent match making process, Nelson can find the right REALTOR for your home search and lifestyle preferences.