October 21st, 2019

Ways to Save Money on Home Repair Projects

Whether you’re in the market to buy, sell, or upgrade your current home, there is always a list of home renovation projects that can be done. In the age of DIY, Pinterest, and HGTV, more and more Americans are getting bitten by the home repair bug. With more resources available than ever, some homeowners are opting for the less expensive options for their next home project. Here are some home repair and renovation projects that can be done easily without spending too much money.


RIS Media suggests a few different ways to stick to a budget when completing home projects. The publication says that by having a strict budget in place before you begin the job, you won’t end up spending more in unnecessary costs. In order to be intentional about this, make sure you take time to figure out how much you can actually afford and create a budget for your renovation project before you begin work.


Another way to save money is to look into purchasing the materials necessary for these jobs yourself. Material costs alone can be a major source for overspending. Where applicable, find recycled or reused building materials and check sites like Freecycle to find free or cheap materials online. Additionally, look into local auctions that would be selling building materials and see if these would fit your task list. It’s advised that you consult a professional to ensure these products are high quality before purchasing. 


Also keep in mind that some repair items have fluctuating prices depending on the time of year, according to Trulia. For example, fall brings higher prices for things like furnace maintenance and gutter cleaning. By making a list of seasonal items, you can check these off in the slower months to avoid a long waitlist or steep prices during busy season.


Remember that regular, preventative maintenance can also lower the list of big ticket items that may need to be fixed unexpectedly. Simply changing your HVAC filters or smoke detector batteries, the occasional deep clean, debris removal, and other small projects throughout the year can make the big stuff less daunting. If you notice something that could be problematic during these routine check ins, deal with it immediately rather than giving it time to become a larger, more costly project down the road.


Sealing leaky doors and windows can be extremely helpful with your energy bills and home maintenance costs. Small cracks around windows and doors allow your desired cool or warm air to leak outdoors, causing your home costs to rise. Another way to lower those fuel bills is to be sure to seal air leaks and improve your insulation in the attic. Attic insulation usually has the most potential for energy savings, according to Energy Star


While working on your home, it is important to be cautious about picking jobs to DIY. Reference this article of home improvement projects to avoid, unless you are a professional, to make sure things get done correctly.


As a homeowner, you are constantly wondering what the next upgrade or update to your living space could be. While these repairs are necessary, they don’t always have to be costly. Keep these tips in mind throughout the year in attempts to avoid the more expensive projects from arising unexpectedly.