November 25th, 2019

Easy Home Accents to Upgrade Your Space

If you’re itching to change up your living space but not quite ready to make a permanent move, making updates to some interior design elements can upgrade a room with minimal effort. While it’s fun to let your imagination run wild, sometimes our budgets don’t run as far as our creativity does. Here are a few ideas on how to upgrade your space with pieces that won’t be too costly or overtly trendy.


House Plants

Several design bloggers suggest that greenery is becoming more and more popular in home design trends. Whether it’s scattered succulents, hanging pots, or large standing plants, it’s easy to freshen up your space by adding some foliage. Milan Design Week 2019 was full of oversized indoor plants and pushed the idea of blending nature into your interior design plans. New house plants can make your space feel brand new and is also said to help with your overall well being.


Updated Fixtures

By simply replacing door knobs, light fixtures, or sink faucets you can almost instantly update your space. RISMedia says that faucets are one of the first things in your house to show their age as over time they can become dull and tarnished, making the whole room look outdated. Updating fixtures like these is an easy way to play with different styles and more modern upgrades. Browse online or in your local home decor store for newer fixtures that are more in line with your updated home aesthetic. Most home fixtures can easily be changed out without investing too much time or labor.


Refresh Your Furniture

Giving your furniture a facelift can be an easy and cost effective way to give your home a fresh upgrade. Furniture slipcovers can be used as a temporary replacement, a can of paint can help improve tarnished wood, and adding cushions or new upholstery can give the piece a brand new look.


A Fresh Coat of Paint

When in doubt, the easiest update for the most impact is your home’s paint colors. Painting your fireplace, an accent wall, some cabinets, or trim, can all provide a breath of fresh air in your home. Even if you aren’t changing the color, a fresh coat can erase any wear and give things a new look. The great thing about painting projects is that they vary to fit different budgets, and they don’t always need the help of a hired professional. Aside from paint, peel and stick wallpaper has become a popular and temporary way to add some personality to an outdated space.


If you don’t have the budget or energy to remodel your home just yet, there are many small projects like these that will improve the look of your home when you need that change of scenery. The benefit of these everyday improvements is that when it does come time to sell, these minor upgrades should also add value to your property.