February 13th, 2020

What To Do First When Moving Into a New House

The joy of homeownership is a satisfying reward after a long winded real estate transaction. You’ve browsed the market and submitted an offer on the perfect house, you’ve navigated repairs and inspections, and you’ve finally made it to the closing table. So what’s next? You’re probably excited and in need of a place to start – Here are a few things to do first when moving into a new place to keep from becoming overwhelmed.


Unpack the Essentials First

Be intentional when packing your belongings from your old house. Make a bag with the essentials like toiletries, chargers, etc. Labeling moving boxes will help when prioritizing what to unpack. Things like shower curtains, towels, silverware, dishes might be important to unpack quicker than other items.


Transfer Utilities and Updating your Address

Before you can get comfortable in your new home, you’ll need the basics: water, gas, and electricity. Make sure that these are appropriately transferred and working on the right timeline for your move-in date. Remember to also forward your mail so that future important documents won’t be sent to the wrong place. Changing your address with the US Postal Service can be done easily online in minutes. Also make sure that your credit cards, banking information, driver’s license, and other resources are updated appropriately so that you can continue usage without a problem.


Connect Your TV, Internet, and Phone Services

Avoid living in a dead zone by making sure you’re up and running and totally installed before move-in day. This transition is also the perfect opportunity to do your homework and research what options are available and the most cost effective in your new home or neighborhood.


Update Your Home Inventory

Moving your valuables can be nerve racking, but you can take control of the situation by snapping photos of your valuable home inventory. By taking photos of these items in their original condition, you’ll be able to monitor them throughout the moving process. Once you’re settled in, create a new home inventory at your new place and update your insurance information appropriately.


Get to Know the New Place

Whether it’s the circuit-breaker or fuse box, the shut-off valves, or the home security system, it’s crucial to get to know the important places in your new home. If there’s a power outage, you don’t want to be searching through the dark to find these emergency items. Getting to know the home inside and out will help you feel more comfortable in the new place.


Change the Locks

Prior to your move-in date, you have no way of knowing who has spare keys to your home. Once you are moving in, call a locksmith to change the locks and get new house keys. A locksmith can also install a deadbolt if your door is missing one for extra protection. This fresh start will ensure that the only people with access into your house are the ones you trust.

Reference this checklist next time you’re settling into a new place to keep you calm and organized. The quicker you make your new place feel like “home”, the quicker you’ll feel adjusted and settled. When working with a real estate agent, they can be your guide on all things home-related during the transaction and afterwords. Lean on them and ask for their advice beyond the closing table. If you are interested in starting your new home search, reach out to your preferred Helen Adams Realty agent. If you aren’t sure where to start, our Referral Services Manager, Jordan Bass, can help. Through Bass’ diligent matchmaking process, she’ll find the perfect agent to match your lifestyle preferences and real estate needs.