March 20th, 2020

“Best Time to Buy” Home Maintenance Edition

Each season brings about change in our weather, closets, and lifestyle. Likewise, home appliances and maintenance project costs show fluctuation throughout the year as well. If you think your only chance for big savings is during annual holiday sales, think again. Scheduling out your home projects by season can help you save, if planned correctly. Different holidays and peak seasons can affect the cost and availability of certain products. Here’s what to look out for each season:



In the colder months, your big savings item will be windows. Peak season for window companies is typically during the warmer months, according to Freddie Mac, so in the winter you may be able to find companies with lower prices. Aside from price, it’ll be easier to schedule the appointments when these companies aren’t working through the busy summer season. Some retailers also discount TVs and home entertainment systems during the month of January to prepare for the Super Bowl.



Spring is a great time to assess your heating and cooling systems. Being an “in-between” month, it’s not too cold or too warm to do some testing with your HVAC. Test your current system and if necessary, spring is an ideal time to buy new. During the peaks of winter and summer, prices could surge. Other popular items that see price drops in springtime months are lawn mowers, grills, leaf blowers, and pressure washers according to Consumer Reports. Since spring weather is more moderate than other times of the year, get outside! Work on your landscaping, improve your home’s curb appeal, plant new beds of flowers or gardens. If you are heading outside this spring, check out our blog about spring time outdoor maintenance. 



June brings Father’s Day, which usually leads to savings on hammers, power drills, and other home-related tools. Because of deals like Prime Day, summer has become a host of online deals. July’s Prime Day is now akin to November’s Black Friday, spurring sales across many popular stores. The Best Time to Buy Things Guide by Consumer Reports quotes items like clothes dryers, dishwashers, grills, home security cameras, and refrigerators on the list of usual savings. These big ticket items offer substantial savings. Other dates to watch out for are Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day, as they all typically spark big retail savings.



Fall typically brings deals for outdoor products like mulch, pots, plants, or items for the yard. As it is another “in-between” season, it’s a perfect time to knock out some outdoor home projects that might have been put on the back burner during hot summer months. This is also a good time to take a look at backyard furniture that might be coming off of peak summer season prices. The holiday season kicks off in November, with the biggest savings coming on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Do your homework and research products that you need and prepare to save big with these discount holidays.

Being mindful about the year’s seasonal savings can help your wallet and your stress level. Make sure that you are being intentional when thinking about home projects or supplies. Online resources like Consumer Reports, Kelly Blue Book, and others can provide insight on when to expect savings. Save the date for different times of the year so that you can enjoy these savings and relax before the next investment.