March 9th, 2020

How to Get the Best Curb Appeal in Preparation for Spring

We’ve changed our clocks, we’ve switched out our wardrobe, and we’ve started the annual prep for the new spring season. While checking off your typical to-do list, you might be interested in sprucing up your home’s outdoor look. Before the Carolina temperatures get too hot, now is a great time to assess your yard and prepare your curb appeal for springtime.


Curb appeal is what makes your home feel inviting for visitors and a big part of the first impression for potential buyers if you are selling your home. Whether you’re having friends over to celebrate summer or you’re preparing for market, it provides a glimpse into what things might be like in the interior of your home. An attractive front exterior and well-maintained landscape can add value to your home and improve the happiness inside. Use these ideas to give your home’s exterior a little extra love this spring.


Start with the Landscaping

You’ll be surprised at what a little bit of intentional landscaping can do for your property. Declutter the yard with any items that might be distracting to your home’s overall beauty. Pay attention to the mulch and/or pinestraw and plan to add a new bed if needed. A fresh layer can make a worn out exterior look clean and new again. Also set aside time to freshen up any flower or plant beds that might be looking tired from winter.


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405 E Tremont Avenue listed by Libby Gonyea

Accent Your Windows

Cleaning and adding some sparkle to your windows is an easy way to boost your home’s curb appeal. Pressure wash your house and be sure to pay close attention to your windows. Clean windows and freshly painted shutters can make a huge difference to the outdoor appeal of a home. Window boxes are also a great way to add something extra to your home’s exterior. They can come in a variety of materials like PVC, wrought iron, wood, and copper, depending on your home design and style. Fill these boxes with lush greenery or colorful flowers to add a pop.


003_Front Porch

5710 Trimmings Court (sold) listed by Anna Castilow

Trim or Edge Gardens and Walkways

Better Homes and Gardens suggests getting garden beds into shape by pulling weeds, planting flowers, and adding new ground cover. If you’ve used stone or brick pavers in your walkways, consider cleaning and resetting any pieces that are outdated. Simply edging errant grass around the border of your walkway will also create a big impact with minimal effort and expense. Your front walkway should be welcoming to guests and neighbors, as it guides visitors into your house. 


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246 Fenton Place listed by Stan Perry

Don’t Forget About Your Front Door

Dress up your front door and make it the focal point of your home’s curb appeal. A popular tactic to make the front door a statement is painting it for a pop of color. For a more simple route, deep clean the dirty spots, use metal polish on any door fixtures, and make the door knob sparkle. Your entry can also reflect the home’s interior style, so bring a bit of your indoor design aesthetic outside. Choose a wreath, color, furniture, or other element that ties your front door together with what’s inside.


03-Front Porch

2145 Chambwood Drive (sold) listed by Lauren Dayton

Add Pops of Color

Bring your curb appeal to life with a color and give your visitor’s eye something to admire, whether it’s the front door, shutters, bright flowers, or adding accent trim. Give your home an exterior facelift if needed by renewing the paint, siding, or trim. A fresh color of paint will freshen your home’s look instantly! If you want to add a little bit more of your personality, opt for a brightly painted front door or shutters. These pops of color can be outside of the painting realm, too. Bring your curb appeal to life with fresh potted or hanging plants, colorful flower beds, and other foliage.



10405 Kilmory Terrace (sold) listed by Jill Miller

Pay Attention to Outdoor Lighting

Make sure that your outdoor lighting is working correctly and is sparkling clean. Cleaning your light fixtures will ensure that the brightest light is welcoming guests into your home. Landscape lighting can also be used along walkways, under windows, or highlighting structural elements to help illuminate your home’s best features. One of the easiest ways to use landscape lighting is to install uplights. Remember that the trick with uplights is to avoid positioning any of the lights to shine directly into one of your home’s windows or on any blemishes. The right combination of light and shadow can accentuate pillars, rock work, trees, shrubbery, and more.



1516 Princeton Avenue (sold) listed by Mahool Nance REALTORS®

Your home’s curb appeal should be an inviting sight for your guests, neighbors, and any potential future buyers. These are some easy ways to achieve impressive curb appeal just in time for the start of the warm weather and spring season.

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