March 19th, 2020

Helen Adams Realty Helps Out of Town Buyers Find Their Home in Charlotte

Real estate agents find themselves working with clients in various housing situations and geographic areas. Often, agents at Helen Adams Realty end up helping out of town buyers move to the Queen City. The Relocation Department at Helen Adams Realty is experienced in helping buyers through this new chapter and there are many things that real estate professionals can do to help ease this transition for their clients.


In her experience as Referral Services Manager, Jordan Bass told us that there are many ways to help out of town buyers get comfortable with their move and find happiness in Charlotte. In her role, she is responsible for handling referrals to and from other residential and commercial real estate firms across the country. Bass also assists any customer that inquires through the company’s website, social media pages, or firm phone number, allowing her to connect out of town buyers with our agents.


The most important step in assisting new clients is Bass’s match making process, through which she matches each client with the agent who best fits their unique personality and needs. Through a counselling call with the client she assesses the client’s needs and finds out what they’re looking for, what timeline they are on, what’s most important to them in a home and agent, and other vital information. Bass can also provide clients with resources to help them get to know Charlotte like tax information, local magazines, maps, information on local attractions, school or daycare material, and more. Complimentary relocation packets are available to anyone who inquires on our website.


The agent then steps in with an introductory call with the client followed by putting them on a customized search portal to show them homes that fit their criteria, taking them on area tours when they are in town, and ultimately becoming their true “ambassador to Charlotte.” The agent can help them find local resources like a nearby grocery store, a new hair stylist, options for gyms and recreational activities, and other lifestyle necessities that will ease their transition. The agent and Bass’ goal is to make Charlotte feel like home.


But before all of this, clients from out of town need to understand the local market and what they can get for their money here compared to where they are coming from. Online resources are available for people to compare the cost of living in different cities, but the agent will be able to thoughtfully explain these differences to you and what you can realistically expect.


“What $300,000 can buy you in Charlotte, is different from that in New York,” says Bass. “Even locally there’s a vast difference when comparing home values in, say, Dilworth versus places outside of the city such as Concord, Fort Mill, and others. Our agents have the local, boots-on-the-ground knowledge of what is happening everyday in each neighborhood in our market.”


Agents at Helen Adams Realty have several options for search portals through which they can work with buyers. Our new partnership with RealScout gives our clients access to industry-leading tools and direct messaging with our agents. Having a power search platform, customized alerts, and a direct connection to your agent is vital to finding the right home, whether you live across the street or across the country.


Virtual home tours are also a popular way to work with out of town clients. If the client isn’t physically in the area yet, they might have a few trips planned to make important decisions but the time in between those trips is still vital for communication. Facetime video, phone calls, and sending as many necessary videos and photos as possible can be helpful for clients hoping to get a feel for a home or neighborhood.


“We have buyers coming to Charlotte from all over; some for jobs, some for retirement, but sometimes just for a fresh start,” says Bass. “They’re often looking for that happy medium between a big city and a southern small town feel. Charlotte has a great location, it’s manageable to get to the mountains or the beach in just a couple hours. The Charlotte area offers lakeside communities, a growing and bustling downtown, and fantastic neighborhoods on the outskirts of town, really offering something for everyone.”


Long-distance moves are exciting, but they can also be incredibly stressful when you don’t know the area well or feel unprepared. The role of your real estate agent should be to make this process as smooth as possible and give you a warm connection to your new city. With today’s advanced options like video chats, buyer portals, and other technology-based communication, it’s easier than ever to stay connected. Make sure that you’re prepared and that your agent can provide the necessary resources to make this transition as easy as possible.
If you are looking to move to Charlotte or interested in learning more about the local housing market, reach out to your preferred Helen Adams Realty agent. If you don’t know where to start, Jordan can help match you with the perfect agent to fit your needs and lifestyle.