April 15th, 2020

How Helen Adams Realty Stays Healthy at Home

Whether you’re accustomed to working remotely, spending your work week out and about, or shuttling kids to and from, there’s something about being confined to the walls of your own home that’s undeniably overwhelming. Our typical routines have been uprooted, our workflow has likely been altered, we’re spending more time with ourselves and families… all within a month’s time frame! For some, this abrupt shift in lifestyle has left us feeling lost and disoriented. With this in mind, we’ve made a point to check in with our agents and staff at Helen Adams Realty to see how everyone’s kept happy, healthy and ultimately sane.


As a mom of three teens who usually live an active social life, REALTOR® Julie Valbuena’s family has been forced to get creative with their ample time at home, and who doesn’t love a friendly competition? From pickle ball to family poker, they’ve stocked up on indoor and outdoor activities to keep them busy and engaged. Julie also mentions a local favorite, Park Road Books, whose offering curbside pick up for puzzles and books as a mind-stimulating pastime. Additionally, Julie has put together “movie night kits” filled with popcorn and theatre style candy; she’s asked everyone to place three of their top movie picks into a jar to draw once a week and watch together! And when they’re feeling a little stir crazy, Julie’s family enjoys venturing out to support local restaurants such as Mama Ricotta’s, Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen, and Haberdish to switch up their at-home menu. 


For one of our marketing gurus, Chelsea Priest, maintaining an active routine has been crucial. As an avid runner, Chelsea has kept to her daily running ritual while adhering to the #runsolo hashtag. The hashtag’s social media campaign encourages runners all over the country to share personal experiences as running clubs, races, and group physical activities have come to a swift halt. She’s also ventured into live stream workout classes, like 305 Fitness on Youtube, mentioning “Every single day there are different classes ranging from all genres of music  and techniques (HIIT, Toning, Cardio, etc!) –  It’s been my ‘”go-to” to kick out the bad energy!” Additionally, Chelsea has resorted to comfort food cooking to keep her mind (and belly) at ease, such as homemade biscuits and gravy or afternoon cookie cakes for a subtle “pick me up!”


REALTOR® Amy Lawing believes perspective is everything, which is why she’s considering the stay-at-home order as a personal “self care and business improvement sabbatical” insisting it seems “more motivating and less like a command,” and we couldn’t agree more! Amy has taken the time to reflect, give herself some mental space, and stay laughing with her family. Like many, cooking has been a refreshing go-to pastime for those who usually don’t spend as much time in the kitchen.


“Making fun recipes with my boys from @flourpowerlakenorman, @pioneerwoman, and @joannagaines has been my quest to eat and cook healthier.”


This week, Amy has made homemade everything bagels via skinnytaste.com shared from her friend and nutritionist, Dana Johnson @eat.with.me.nc. She also makes a point to support local businesses by picking up a healthy meal curbside from @citrusthediner located in Denver, NC.


Lawrence and Marcus, the Mahool Nance REALTORS® team at HAR, have been starting off each day with a little mindfulness via the HeadsSpace app. While the team has been practicing meditation for years, they feel the app has been exceptionally beneficial during this time. Along with morning meditation, the team has challenged themselves to record three daily gratitudes in hopes of remaining grounded and positive. Lastly, amidst the lack of social time, the team has hopped onto the shared playlist train with close friends and family, urging everyone to share ten of their favorite “happy” anthems, resulting in the ultimate quarantine jam session and social connectedness. 


For another one of our super moms and REALTOR® Susan Hutchins, spending as much time outside as possible has been her family’s go-to fix. Outdoor picnics, reading in the sun, and nerf gun wars with her son have kept her busy and on her toes to say the least! She’s also taking advantage of Charlotte’s awesome mural scene, as she and her son map out murals to visit and pose in front of (from a social distance, of course.) 



When it comes to indulging in a little alone time, Susan has committed to Core704’s quarantine challenge, mentioning “Core704 gives a fun and intense workout for 30 minutes everyday (only $30 for the whole month of April) by some of the best instructors. You will feel it!” 

When it comes down to it, everyone has acclimated to this abrupt lifestyle change in different ways. We love that our agents and staff are adhering to the Ninja philosophy of maintaining a positive mindset, whether it’s breaking a sweat or dedicating mental space to daily gratitudes and meditation. During this time of uncertainty, we hope everyone is keeping their mental and physical health at the forefront and that we’ve sparked some inspiration for those eager to try something new!