April 2nd, 2020

How Real Estate is Adapting to COVID-19 Restrictions

At Helen Adams Realty, we are sensitive to the needs of our buyers, sellers, and neighbors around the Charlotte area. During these unprecedented times, we are making adjustments so that we can continue to serve these long-time clients and friends. As we’ve watched our world adapt to the current landscape, we have seen the same adjustments being made in the real estate industry. From virtual meetings to on-the-go closings and everything in between, we are constantly learning and growing with this ongoing situation.


Over the past few days and weeks, local municipalities and state governments have been issuing Stay-At-Home orders for nonessential businesses. But what does that mean for real estate? There is still a long list of things that are deemed ‘essential’ and can still be done to help our clients get to closing. These permitted activities include home inspections and repairs; closing prep and services including work done by lenders, banks, closing attorneys, and the Register of Deeds; and post closing activities like professional moving and relocation services.


Technology like DotLoop allows us to digitally sign and deliver documents directly to parties in the transaction and earnest money can be accepted through wire transfer, all minimizing the level of personal touch involved. These vital parts of the home buying or selling process are still happening while still abiding by social distancing regulations.


Agents are also now getting used to sitting in the reception area of the closing attorney’s office, in the parking lot outside, or in the comfort of their own living room while video-conferencing in on the actual home closing. Lawrence Mahool and Marcus Nance, the Mahool Nance REALTORS® team at Helen Adams Realty, showed an example of their social distance-friendly closing on their social media.


“How do we do closings during a pandemic, you ask?” the team shared on Instagram. “Well, the attorney brings the paperwork to your car and you sign from the front seat with your own pen.”


Our agents are also still able to work with clients in an online manner to discuss the current market, what’s expected, new contracts, and how we can help. Virtual consultations and home tours are two of the ways we are still getting in front of clients to advise them on their real estate journey. We’re also able to utilize video tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime to continue offering listing and buying appointments to prospective clients. Schedule a virtual consultation to discuss the process and receive a digital version of our buyer or seller presentation packet. If you’re interested in entering the housing market as a potential buyer or seller, don’t hesitate to reach out to your preferred Helen Adams Realty agent now.


Agents at Helen Adams Realty have several options for online search portals through which they can work with buyers in the digital realm. Our new partnership with RealScout gives our clients access to industry-leading tools and direct messaging with our agents. Having a power search platform, customized alerts, and a direct connection to your agent is vital to finding the right home. This online access allows the home search to continue seamlessly. 


Our video conference calls have been a powerful form of communication across the company, with management and staff hosting webinars and online tutorials to continue servicing our agents. The Brokers-in-Charge, COO, marketing staff, and the company’s President have been engaging with our agents daily as we all adapt and learn together. 


The shared sense of innovation and creativity during hard times has been inspiring to watch across all industries. Our agents are still working diligently to get their clients into their homes and to the closing table, wherever that might be, and to educate prospective clients on the home buying or selling process. Our 45 year commitment to providing the highest level of customer service never stops, especially with today’s technology.