Exclusive Services

Comparative Market Analysis

A written report of the transactions in the neighborhood which will identify similar properties that have sold recently and are currently on the market in an effort to determine a realistic price for the subject property.  This piece of information is the key to pricing your home right.

Market Preparation Guide

Helping sellers to think like buyers helps them to understand the importance of preparing their homes for the market. Detailed guidance and step by step assistance is given to ensure that your home stands out in the marketplace.

Marketing Plan

A comprehensive marketing plan presented in writing is customized for you. Our objectives are to bring you as many qualified buyers as possible, to communicate the results of our efforts to you regularly, and to assist you in getting the highest possible dollar value for your home with the least amount of complications in the shortest possible time.

Showing Reports

During the listing period your Helen Adams Realty agent will keep you informed on all showing activity via email or telephone.  Our technology allows us to contact other agents showing your home and ask them for feedback.  This feedback will help you and your agent make smarter marketing decisions. 

Moving Resource Packet

This packet of information will address your moving plans and future needs. These resources are continually updated and additional ideas are always welcome to help the next seller's move to be easier.

Relocation Package

If you are moving to another city, a complete portfolio of information can be forwarded to you. Helen Adams Realty is a long standing member of the Employee Relocation Council which serves the top corporate business clients across the country. Through this exclusive service we are able to place you with a knowledgeable Realtor anywhere in the USA. This can be very helpful in orienting you to the local housing market as well as schools, shopping, transportation, entertainment, and other areas of specific interest to you.

The First Visit

We begin the process with a visit to your home to gather general information and to take measurements of the rooms. We'll be especially interested in features, systems and improvements that you have made. We would also like to know what prompts your decision to move. This visit should take between 30 minutes to an hour, and during that time we will be laying the groundwork for the marketing of your home...so we'll be asking you to think about things that you particularly enjoy in your home and what led you to choose this home over others.

Behind The Scenes

Once we have this information in hand, we can complete a comprehensive profile of the home and using additional details, such as tax records, that are available in our office. All comparable homes currently for sale and recently sold are taken from our database as well as similar homes also for sale in your market area. We will complete a detailed market analysis reflecting current market conditions and circumstances at this time. This work generally takes a day or two.

The Second Visit

Then we will want to have between an hour and two hours to meet with you...to introduce ourselves, review the pricing presentation, and answer your questions. The goal of this meeting is to provide you with enough information to make informed decisions regarding the pricing of your home and the choice of your Realtor.

The pre-listing period is important to you, in order to achieve the sale of your home and maximize net proceeds, you must consider five variables: price, terms, condition, location, and the choice of Realtor. Four of these are under your control and, especially in today's market, your choice of Realtor is the most significant component in a successful sale. Why? Because a good Realtor will guide you in establishing price, preparing your home for marketing and will be prepared to represent you and your home proactively.

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