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Our History and Mission

Our History

Helen Adams Realty was founded forty-three years ago in the growing city of Charlotte. Since its inception, the com­pany established a reputation for providing the highest level of personal service and real estate expertise. Helen Adams Realty has become one of the most respected real estate brokerages in the region with office locations in Central, North and South Charlotte.


"I feel rewarded that I have been able to start a career and meet the competition head on as I have…I’m the eternal optimist. I believe there is something good in life for me to give and get. Now I have a better insight into what life’s all about. It has been an education, one that I value."
-Helen Adams; Dec. 29, 1976

A 6th Generation Charlottean

Helen Adams founded her company in the growing city of Charlotte in 1975. Her achievements as an entrepreneur and commu­nity leader laid the foundation for a thriving, multi-office real estate business, and today she has become a role model for women throughout the Charlotte region. By her own description, Helen Adams was "like every other young mother in town" at the start of the 1970’s. "Back then I was in a housewife situation," she says. But after her marriage ended early in the decade she soon realized the challenges that lay ahead. "It was like starting life all over," said Helen. But as fate would have it, her life as an independent, accomplished woman was just beginning. In the 1970’s Char­lotte’s real estate market was moving towards an era of new growth and restoration. As a native Charlottean, Helen had developed an established network of friends and family, as well as a thorough knowledge of the Charlotte area. Helen had an inherent understanding of the most desirable properties and neighborhoods. This expertise helped launch her career. In the early 1970’s Helen opened a real estate office off of Providence Road in Myers Park. She was joined by colleagues Karen McRae, Ann Armstrong, Sharon Rountree and Anne Little, who formed the original Helen Adams Realty team. Some of the group’s first advertisements displayed the slogan, "We Love Our Work, We Know The Market, We Have The Contacts, We Can Close The Sale, Share Our Enthusiasm!". The team embraced this pledge as their busi­ness philosophy and began a journey towards remarkable success.

Charlotte's Luxury Home Marketer

During the mid 70’s to mid 80’s Helen Adams sold the lion’s share of Charlotte’s finest homes. In the early 80’s, Helen Adams became one of the first Realtors in Charlotte to sell $1 million in residential real estate in one week. "Luxury" homes at the time were considered anything above $250,000 - so a $1 million sale was quite rare, said Helen. In 1989, Helen was featured as Charlotte’s "Annual Top Ten Luxury Home Realtors" by CITI magazine, the premier real estate publication of the time. For a series of nine years in a row, Helen Adams received this Top Ten award until CITI magazine went out of publica­tion in the late 90’s. Helen’s son, Jeff Adams, joined the company in 1982. Jeff, who now serves as President of Helen Adams Realty, learned the business firsthand from his mother and the mem­bers of the original team. "We used to sit outside my mother’s office and listen to her negotiate a deal," said Jeff. "Her delivery was always eloquent and up-front. She had a great sense of timing, and she always knew how to put the deal together no matter the circumstances. As I think about it now, I realize that her intuition had a lot to do with her knowledge of the mar­ket and the strong relationships she developed with her clients. She had a passionate belief that she would make the deal happen in their best interests. She trusted her con­victions. Her clients knew this about her and believed in her advice." Jeff Adams bought the company in 1991 after Helen decided to retire. From the early 90’s to today the company has grown 6 fold and includes office locations in Central, North and South Charlotte. Although Helen Adams Realty has undergone tremendous growth, the company has not lost sight of its core values, instilled many years ago. Today, the company’s mission is to: "provide the highest level of personal service to our clients and agents."

After an outstanding career as an entrepreneur, Helen passed the torch down to her son, and the company has risen to become one of the most respected locally-owned real estate firms in the region. Helen’s business philosophy lives on. "I was always at the mercy of doing things right," Helen says. Her legacy has become the vision and spirit of Helen Adams Realty.

Our Mission

Knowledge / Integrity / Respect / Professionalism / Trust / Commitment

Helen's goal was to create a company which was based on a strong commitment to personal service, unmatched area knowledge, exceptional real estate expertise, and the highest ethical standards. Our unwavering commitments to providing the highest level of personal service, seeking and sharing our deep understanding of the local real estate market, and outstanding performance results framed by impeccable integrity are the reasons for Helen Adams Realty’s continued success.

Real estate business is changing every day. There are short term requirements as well as long term trends that have to be respected to provide the best service to our clients. Charlotte is the economic engine of the Carolinas and has become among the foremost international business centers in the United Sates. “Site Selection Magazine” listed Charlotte as the top city in North America for Pro Business, and No. 1 on its list of top 10 U.S. cities for foreign investment.

According to the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, over 950 companies from 46 countries have operations in Charlotte. These companies employ over 68,000 workers. The Chamber states that the reasons why International Companies choose Charlotte is because of: 1.) excellent US market access from a central Atlantic Coast location, 2.) large airport hub with direct international flights, 3.) pro-business local government, 4.) highly productive workforce for manufacturing and services, 5.) state-funded worker training programs, 6.) extraordinary quality of life, 7.) below-average cost of living, 8.) rich international business and cultural communities, 9.) foreign language schools, 10.) excellent universities and research programs. People from all over the world move to Charlotte for its exciting and growing job markets, its inviting natural environment, diverse communities, and the open minded and warm hearted of the people in the Carolinas.

The strongest growing group of our clients is the group of people who settle down in Charlotte coming from foreign countries as Europe and Asia. Coming from a long way means more than just changing the location. It means learning how to adapt to a completely different environment, and learning how to make this new world become a home for the entire family.

Helen Adams International Realty is our solution to serving these special and challenging needs for our clients around the world. Our first-hand experience of living and working in Asian and European countries allow us to focus on you because we know and understand the challenges our clients from different cultures may have in adapting to a new, different environment. Our international real estate sales team has made the journey from Asia and Europe to Charlotte and the Carolinas. Let us share our experience with you. We have the knowledge, we know the market, we have the contacts and we can personally assist our international clients with a successful transition to our wonderful city.

Charlotte is known as a hidden gem which offers a prospering economy, a healthy natural environment and first class education for our kids. With Helen Adams International Realty we will make moving to the Carolinas a joyful and remarkable experience for the entire family. We are not selling properties, but a home and a way of life as we move families from all over the world to the Carolinas.


We provide the highest level of personal service in the industry through:

Availability – devoting the time and space to assist all those we serve.
Accountability – being responsible and delivering our best.
Accuracy – focusing on the details and doing it right the first time.
Technology – utilizing the best of proven technology to increase performance.
Education – achieving continuous professional and organizational development.
Innovation – being always open to new ways of creating value for our customers.
Communication – genuinely seeking to understand first and to be understood.
Expertise – constantly enhancing and applying our skills to improve our service.
Experience – freely sharing our lessons learned and wisdom.
Creativity – appropriately challenging the status quo to get better results.
Partnership – building collaborative relationships in all areas of our work.
Engagement – bringing passion and energy to every service we deliver.