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Education and Training Programs

Helen Adams Realty believes that excellence is achieved through continuous education and training.


What is the Ninja® Selling system?

Ninja Selling is a sales system developed by Larry Kendall and The Group, Inc. in Colorado and is taught nationwide. The system is based on a philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and helping them achieve their goals. It is less about selling and more about helping people buy.

The name “Ninja Selling" was derived from one of The Group, Inc.'s associates who was nicknamed “The Ninja” by the staff in his office. He had great sales volume, great customer satisfaction and referrals, and yet seemed to have a life outside of his career. He had by far the highest income per hour of any salesperson in the company. Larry Kendall began documenting the sales systems used by the original "Ninja" and other top sales people at The Group. Ninja Selling is the result.

Ninja Selling is based on a belief in abundance and the power of focused energy and synergy with others. The symbol used for Ninja Selling is the Japanese symbol for “Ki” or the universal energy (spirit) that connects all things. Ninja Selling is based in the philosophy of the non-violent martial art, Aikido – the way of harmonizing energies.


The mission of Ninja Selling is to do 3 things:

1.    Increase your income per hour.

2.    Increase your customer satisfaction.

3.    Improve the quality of your life. 


Helen Adams Realty fully embraces and utilizes the skills taught in the Ninja Selling system. Beyond our in-house training classes outlined below, we also subscribe to the Ninja Installations, taught in Fort Collins, CO at The Group, Inc. We send groups of our agents out to participate when they have several transactions under their belt and have completed our internal training system.


Helen Adams Realty Training Classes

Our in-house training is taught on location at our three offices across Charlotte. While some webinars are utilized in a few of our classes, our classes are taught live, in small groups by our Management Team which includes: Brokers in Charge, our COO, our Controller, our Relocation Directors, our Marketing Director, and our President, Jeff Adams. Our classes are ongoing, with multiple cycles in a year, and our new associates are encouraged to jump in at any time. Even experienced agents come through from time to time for a refresher on the various topics we teach. Our classes are a mix of the Ninja Selling philosophies and training on our in-house procedures.


Ninja Skills Group Sessions

In addition to our core classes, our Brokers-in-Charge and President meet with our new agents once per week in a group setting where the learned skills can be practiced on one another. The worst thing you can do is practice on a real client - we help you work through real-life situations via discussion and some role-play to make you feel more confident when working with actual buyers and sellers.